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I see you as a complete being.


As a child I was very aware that there is much more than the physical world and

what I can see with my eyes and feel with my hands. 

I was very sensitve and could easily empathize with people.

I felt early on that this gift was not understood by adults and I was referred to as a ‘sensitive one.’

Like all of us, I wanted to be naturally loved and be part of society.

I then probably started to ignore this intuition and closed the door on my gifts.

In the course of my life I have unconsciously closed many such doors, which were of great potential.

I believe we all act in this way to be loved and accepted by our environment. 

I looked for my happiness and love elsewhere. That was unsuccessful.

Over 30 years ago, an event (accident) woke me up that put me on my spiritual path.

I followed the longing of my heart to look inward, to feel myself again and

to find out who I really am.       


From then on I met people who led and accompanied me on my path to myself. 

Through various seminars and training courses, my knowledge and awareness expanded. 

My life changed completely. I developed from a very shy being to a person who loves to

connect with others, gives seminars and guides others on their path to themselves.

I lived in Scotland/Edinburgh for over 12 years where I opened and ran a successful

training centre for meditation and seminars on personal development.  

I lived  2 months in New Mexico and in Taiwan for 1 year.  

On my travels I met many people and masters from other cultures, who gave me their hearts

and further enriched me towards my completeness.

As the saying goes:  The journey is the goal.

My passion is to help people feel themselves again and to accompany them on their path

to themselves lovingly, with understanding and compassion. 

My vision is that we humans will all meet each other lovingly, respectfully and at eye level

and that we recognize our counterpart as unique  in order to create peace on earth together

and to live joy and blissfulness, which is our birth right.


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